The Production of New iPads has started

Various sources claim that Apple has already begun the production of new iPads. The company is working hard in order to boost the sales of its tablets after experiencing two disappointing quarters. The large scale production of the iPad having a screen of 9.7 inch has already started. The new version of the iPad mini, having a screen of 7.9 inch will enter the production stage pretty soon as well. The gadget has high chances of being available in stores by the end of 2014.

The timing is of utmost importance since Apple wants its products to be ready for the usual holiday shopping spree. The new line is expected to include iPhone with larger screens and wearable focused on monitoring users’ health. Most experts in the domain believe that the September 9 event will be the moment when the new Apple gadgets will be unveiled. However, the Apple spokesperson, Trudy Muller made no comments.

Apple has to improve the sale of its iPads. During the third quarter of 2014, the iPad sales dropped down to 13.3 million units. The purpose of the partnership with IBM is to sell iPads to corporations and thus put the tablet gadgets back on track.

Amit Daryanani, an analyst working for RBC Capital Markets says that Apple’s weakest point is the tablet. However, a refresh of some kind might stabilize the iPad sales and the product might continue to be profitable for the company.

Larger iPads might cause production problems caused by the usage of the latest anti-reflection coating. Apple has plans to add this feature to its tablet products in order to make them more accessible for reading.

Bloomberg News claimed that the new iPhones went into production in the month of July. The majority of people interested in Apple products and smart phone in general already know that Apple plans to launch two versions of the iPhone 6: one having a screen of 4.7 inch and the other having a screen of 5.5 inch.

Nowadays customers have shown huge interest in smart phone having large screens. This was more than evident in China. Reports point out that forty per cent of the smart phones bought by Chinese customers in 2014 had screens larger than 5 inch.