Replacement Program for iPhone 5 Units having Battery Problems

Apple has decided to start a replacement program for the iPhone 5 units having problems with their batteries which either need more frequent recharge or have a shorter battery life. The iPhone 5 was first launched in September 2011. The company says that the units experiencing problems are the ones which were sold from January 2013 up till July 2014. The support site belonging to Apple also has a tool to check the serial number and see if the iPhone 5 is a faulty one.

The replacement program can be found at Authorized Apple Service Providers, AppleCare or at Apple Retail Stores. The company has asked iPhone 5 owners to save their data and erase the content and settings before they bring the phone in order to have its battery changed. Apple has not started the program for phones experiencing problems such as a broken screen. If the user has already paid in order to have an eligible battery fixed, Apple offers to pay back the money spent.

The replacement program started on the 22nd of August 2014 on the US and Chinese territory. The program will be available in other countries starting with the 29th of August. The program will be available until the 1st of March 2015 and it does not represent an extension on the iPhone 5 warranty. This is not the first replacement program done by Apple. The company has had a less ample program for the replacement of the batteries belonging to iPhone 5S units. The iPhone 5 has also experienced some problems with the sleep and wake buttons.