Fresh Rumors on Apple’s iPhone 6

Gadgets enthusiasts all over the Globe are eagerly expecting the new iPhone 6. Rumors and leaks have invaded the web making Apple fans of dreaming about the ultimate gadget. From the almost indestructible display made of Sapphire glass crystals to solar panels for constant battery recharging we have heard it all.

Here comes a list of the most widespread iPhone 6 rumors.

Rumor Number 1: The new iPhone 6 will come in two versions: one having 4.7 inches and the 5.5 inches

When it comes to the size of the new iPhone 6 versions all is pretty clear and we can talk about a certainty and not a rumor. Bothe models will also have a higher resolution than previous iPhone models, equal to 1704×960 pixels. However, the iPhone 5S, having a 4 inch screen will not be withdrawn from the market.

Rumor Number 2: Huge production problems will prevent Apple from releasing the 5.5 inch model in September

There are high chances for Apple to release its bigger product two months later than the smaller one. Nonetheless, it is a business strategy not a production problem. Apple might cause the cannibalization of its own sales if it launches two products at the same time. Thus, they stir the public’s attention with the smaller gadgets and then when holidays draw nearer they hit the market with the larger phablet like gadget.

Rumor Number 3: Cool names for the new iPhone 6 models

There are some rumors claiming that the iPhones will no longer have a number in the composition of their name but will have catchy names like Air Maxx or iPhone Air. This might end the confusions created by names such as 5S or S5.5 and so on. Since the new phones are going to have around 6 mm in thickness the name Air would be more than justified.

Rumor Number 4: Indestructible Sapphire glass screen for the new iPhones

Apple has invested huge amounts of money in the Sapphire glass technology while the web has been invaded with video clips showing a screen that resists to scratches, knife stabs and other extreme treatment. However, there are lots of specialists who say that there are little chances for Apple to use Sapphire glass on such huge scale since the technology is pretty new, untested and extremely costly. There might be a limited edition of phones with almost indestructible screen but probably this will not be the feature of all new Apple phones.

Rumor Number 5: No more home button but a gesture-based touch strip

The iOS8 is definitely suitable for some gesture-based features. If Apple changes the home button then all its rivals will have to think to something new in order to attract the customers’ attention. However, the fingerprint scanner might represent the weak point of this technology. It might not function properly if it is located under some gesture touch strip. This feature will not function properly until the entire screen is turned into a fingerprint scanner.

Rumor Number 6: Super Si-Fi features for the new iPhone 6

There have been some rumors about liquid metal being part of the new phone but this is highly unlikely since this is a technology that is still being put up. Probably the iPhone 7 will have something do to with liquid metal, but the iPhone 6 definitely not. There have also been some rumors about the much more powerful iPhone 6 battery. It is said that the 4.7 inch model will have a 2100 mAh battery while the 5.5 version will have a 2600mAh battery. The curved screen is something Apple wished for but will come true only when iPhone will foldable. The solar charging screen is not going to happen as well since it would turn the iPhone into quite a thick gadget.

Rumor Number 7: The iPhone 6 will be super-expensive

This could not be possible considering the fact that the market has been invaded by phones with amazing features and low prices. Thus, it is possible for the 5.5 inch version of the phone not to exceed 100 US dollars.

Rumor Number 8: The iPhone 6 has to be released with the iWatch

This will probably not happen since Apple has no intention of diluting the market for none of its products. Thus, it is possible for the iWatch to be released somewhere at the beginning of 2014.