Fresh Rumors of Samsung Galaxy S6

The Galaxy S phones are considered to be the best smart phones running on Android. The new Samsung Galaxy S6 is on its way and there are lots of rumors about its specs, price and release date.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 was launched during this year’s Mobile World Congress. Unfortunately, it did not cause the stir that its predecessors managed to create among consumers. This might have been caused by Samsung’s decision to postpone the launch of one of its most important gadgets. The Samsung Galaxy S6 is expected for 2015. Most specialists in the domain consider that the phone will not be available in the first quarter of the financial year.

The Korean company has felt the need to reassure its customers that the future gadget is worth waiting for and this is will be much better than the Samsung Galaxy S5. The company representatives have assured its clients that Samsung strives hard to exceed consumer expectations. The launch of the Samsung Galaxy Alpha has determined certain fans to consider the metallic frame for the next Samsung Galaxy S6. A feature as such would definitely make the phone better looking and more solid.

There are sources which claim that the new Samsung Galaxy S6 will come equipped with a much more powerful processor. Thus, speculations are about a Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 processor, having six cores and 64 bit and about a Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor having octa-core and a 64-bit chip. Tech Radar claims that the phone will also have an Adreno 430 GPU which is 30 per cent faster than the Andreno 420.

The Korean company is said to be working on both 2K and 4K technologies for the display. If the rumours about the Snapdragon 810 processor are accurate, then the next phone of the Galaxy S line will have a display equal to 3480×2160. However, there is no information on the camera. But this does not prevent fans from speculating on either a 16 megapixels or a 20 megapixels camera.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 might come equipped with stereo speakers, a more powerful battery and a processor of 64 bit.