Blackberry brings the BBM on Windows Phones

Windows Phone is now equipped with the BBM. The well-known BlackBerry has provided the Windows Phones with its futuristic and limited application for messaging.

The BBM created for the Windows Phone has a look that is quite similar to the native applications. It makes use of the pivot views of the Windows Phone and it also has the capacity to pin a discussion on the Start Screen. Unfortunately, version number one lacks certain features that can be found on other platforms. Among these features one can enumerate screen sharing, video chatting and various channels. It is more than sure that these features will be here in the not so distant future.

BlackBerry has manages to create a highly popular social network with its BBM. Moreover, its decision to keep BBM exclusive for its gadgets was quite wise until the Blackberry sales started to drop dramatically. Lots of cheap imitations appeared all over the market and the most popular of them, the now famous WhatsApp, was purchased by Facebook for the sum of nineteen billion US dollars. This sum is five times higher than the present market capital of BlackBerry.

However, the imitators are different from BlackBerry in certain aspects. Obviously, they do not use the BlackBerry network and they make use of email addresses. They do not use the PIN ID system belonging to BBM. The system permits users to have more control on their privacy. WhatsApp, has the negative reputation of uploading users’ data and contacts without requesting their previous permission.

Moreover, the imitating version is free. On the other hand the BBM Protected which is focused on companies belongs to the BlackBerry server suite. Another minus point is that it functions only on BlackBerry devices.