The Common Feature of Yoga and Lenovo? The Lenovo Yoga Table

Lenovo has just launched a new challenge for Apple: the Yoga Tablet 10 HD+. For years there has been a huge battle in order to take down the hegemonic iPad, the queen of Tablets worldwide. Thus, Lenovo, once more decided to challenge Apple by creating a new gadget and releasing it on an already satiated market.

Take a walk along the narrow aisle of your next several hours long plane journey and see with your own eyes how many other travelers have already taken the drop. Laptops are large and large and have batteries that lose their energy in a short period of time. Lenovo’s new Yoga Tablet not only features an eighteen hour battery power but it is also equipped with a disguised kickstand and an ergonomic office leg. I am the proud possessor of an iPad, but I am often disappointed by being forced to use my hands, find a place for it, pick it up, put it down, just to find the information I need. That is by far more frustrating when using it as an electronic recipe book and your arms are covered in panko food crumbs.

When you actually keep the Yoga Tablet in one of your hands, its significant weight (approximately 1.3 pounds) is allocated perfectly, and when it is set on the “Tilt” mode, on-screen writing is simple enough. The same platform that permits you to use your product for binge viewing also has a reasonable couple of front-facing sound devices that may generate grouses from maniac players but are more than enough for having a nice Skype conversation or watching a YouTube video.

This recently retooled edition of the Lenovo Yoga Tablet is a response to experts who believed its forerunner had a pretty grubby screen as well as a pokey type processer. The new gadget has very powerful display with 1920×1200 pixels while the quick efficiency is guaranteed by the Qualcomm 1.6 gigahertz chipset of Snapdragon 400 type. The RAM has been more than doubled from one gigabyte to two gigabytes. The gadget runs of Android Jelly Bean the 4.3 version with an update to KitKat 4.4.

To tell the truth the camera with 1.6 MP and front-facing characteristics will not make you the next great displayer at Tate Modern, but the 8 MP rear-facing system is excellent for catching Grandmother while she bakes your favorite cheese cake. The new gadget has an amazing storing feature, having two versions: one that comes in with sixteen gigabytes and the other with thirty-two gigas. Moreover, it has got a SD micro cards port if by any case more space is required.

At a price of 350 US dollars, it is not the most affordable tablet in the online world, but another forty-two clams purchases you the Bluetooth Keyboard Cover of Lenovo, which changes your tablet in a nice laplet.