The Songza Playlist Generator is Now Part of the Big Google Family

The world famous giant Google has lately been purchasing start up after startup companies. More than 20 new businesses have joined the huge Google family this year so far.

A year ago, Google decided to tackle the music space with All Access, which was disclosed in May 2014. However, I confess that somehow I have managed to completely forget about this event. Possibly this is the result of all the actions that Apple has been doing in the same space. However, Google sort of lost all sense of direction in the mix.

But there are chances for that to change with Google’s most recent purchase: the playlist generator known as Songza, which made the news available to all in a brief declaration made on Tuesday. The company representatives expressed their thrill to having entered the Google extended family and expressed their hopes to achieve the ultimate soundtrack with the help of the American giant.

No money related terms of the arrangement were uncovered. Moreover, Songza, the organization will not be closing down as a consequence of being bought. The company officials declared that the only changes planned for Songza were those concerning the quality of their product.

Google made its statement similar in meaning. Thus, the Google representatives confirmed that their purpose is to mingle Songza with the Google Play Music and other of their products.

In spite of all these reassuring declarations coming from both parties there will be at least one change at this time: the organization is going to have its Terms of Service redesigned as well as its Privacy Policy to match them with those belonging to Google.

Songza, which was formally released in the autumn of 2011 (September to be more precise), is in fact a cloud-based advanced music administration that permits clients to make and offer music playlists. It provides the so called Music Concierge that gives clients proposed playlists by taking into consideration the date and the hour, also having various emotion features.

Thus, if a user decided to listen to music on a nice and warm Tuesday night, he or she will have choices such as: love, bedtime, romance or studying. If the same user decides that a Wednesday afternoon is perfect for a chill up, than he or she will receive alternatives such as: studying or bedtime but no love or romance.

The organization managed to gather up to 7 million dollars, incorporating 2 million dollars in financing during the month of September in 2011 while in the same moth of 2013, it incorporated and another 4.7 million dollars. World famous companies put their money in this business., Troy  Carter and Deep Fork Capital were only a few of them.

It is intriguing that Google raises a conceivable reconciliation with Youtube, given the fact that Google had been devising up a streaming service for music a year ago. However the service did not hit the market because the officials claimed that it was not ready for being released. Maybe the Songza buy is a sign that the organization’s second music streaming feature is close to its introduction.

The 2014 acquisitions made by Google

This year Google acted like a real shopaholic by purchasing no more than twenty businesses.

First they bought the Swiss Bitspin the producer of the application known as Timely clock. Afterwards the moved forward to Imperium specialized in cyber security, which was closely followed by Deepmind famous for its artificial intelligence work. The Google purchase list included: Adometry, Skybox, Appurify and others.

Furthermore, the organization purchased Nest Labs (producer of smart thermostats) for the sum of 3.2 billion dollars. This is the highest price that the company paid for a new business. Nest itself has since purchased two new companies of its own to add to the Google family: Myenergy and and Dropca. The former being a platform for monitoring energy and the second being a new security business.