Various events occurred in the Android world during last week. Thus, Samsung displayed signs of slow down, Xiaomi came up with a new tablet, ART underwent a series of actions that raised lots of questions, while Amazon had difficult to guess plans for its Fire Phone. To all these, add the news about the applications for writs wearables.  Samsung Drop The results obtained by Samsung during the second quarter crested a bit of a fuss in the Android world, because it has been showing signs of sale drops. The figures pointed out a24% decrease in the operating income while the operating profit suffered a 10% drop as well. The smart phone world is not without precedents when it comes to drops in sales with none of the stories having a nice ending. Xiaomi’s New Tablet While Samsung has to face serious problems Xiaomi is riding the wave. Its new table the Mipad vanished immediately from the market. This was not due to some fault which caused rapid warehouse retreat but because the limited batch containing no more than 50,000 units sold in approximately four minutes. Small batches launched on the market, just to create an urge for something more is a typical marketing strategy that wears Xiaomi all over it. The China based company has all it takes to be the number one Android star on its home market. The day will come when Xiaomi will look beyond the border of the Chinese market and that will definitely be a memorable day for the Android world. ART closely scrutinized by Anandtech The Dalvik runtime characteristic of ART (Android Run Time) is for the time being one of the greatest changes that gadget developers working on Android have to face. The switch from Just in Tim to the new Ahead of Time offers more when it comes to performance; however, it relies on energy and storage which Android has managed to obtain due to Moore’s Law. Andrei Fumusanu, working for Anandtech has closely analyzed the runtime so as to identify its strong and weak points. Thus, he has pointed out that ART displays lots of weaknesses that are typical when using non-native like applications and when having a system that manages memory in an automatic way. He has said that for developers this new change is beneficial and that the majority of the performance problems he needed to solve by using smart programming are less drastic now. This also involves that Android can compete now with iOS when it comes to performance and fluidity. The Mysteries of Android L ART is just one of the new features... (more...)

The once must-have gadget, BlackBerry, has experienced some very tough times lately. This is partiality due to the company’s uninspired decisions taken over the past years. The BlackBerry Bold the 9900 version, it is a beautifully designed device but it has got so many problems that lots of users just gave up and started using other devices. Fortunately, BlackBerry has learnt from its old mistakes and has managed to eliminate the necessity to pay a certain fee so as to gain access to the servers of BlackBerry OS version 10. This is a much-needed change that ought to have happened years ago. Even the most fanatic BlackBerry users is reluctantly giving his/her money away when it comes to gaining access to some emails that he/she would have for free if he/she were using another mobile phone. They have also learnt too late, that if they let other platforms for mobile devices to have full access to the BBM (abbreviation for BlackBerry Messenger), this would have finally provided them with a huge market ready to be exploited. Facebook has proved to be paying 19 billion US dollars for WhatsApp. This shows what an amazing opportunity BlackBerry has managed to miss. We have to remember that BBM is the first instant messenger application that was put on the market and has served as a source of inspiration for lots of applications that have been created since its release. Thus, it is extremely encouraging to be a witness the new decision made by this famous company. The plan implies adopting the Amazon Android Store for Applications as some sort of back-up source for the applications extant on the platform.  The BlackBerry gadgets are able to function on the Android system. This smart movement might help BlackBerry leave the market of third party applications. It will obviously create its software but at the same time will let the applications of Android take care of the third party increase. Due to the Applications Store of Amazon the number of BlackBerry applications rises from 130,000 to almost 300,000. Nobody knows exactly the number of Android applications sold via Amazon that will actually work on BlackBerry phones version 10.3. There are high chances for some of them not go hand in hand with the Berry hardware. For the time being the BlackBerry Application World is still available but many people doubt that this will last for long. BlackBerry is about to admit that the applications built for operating systems based on QNX are in fact a waste of time. Some developers... (more...)

Lenovo has just launched a new challenge for Apple: the Yoga Tablet 10 HD+. For years there has been a huge battle in order to take down the hegemonic iPad, the queen of Tablets worldwide. Thus, Lenovo, once more decided to challenge Apple by creating a new gadget and releasing it on an already satiated market. Take a walk along the narrow aisle of your next several hours long plane journey and see with your own eyes how many other travelers have already taken the drop. Laptops are large and large and have batteries that lose their energy in a short period of time. Lenovo’s new Yoga Tablet not only features an eighteen hour battery power but it is also equipped with a disguised kickstand and an ergonomic office leg. I am the proud possessor of an iPad, but I am often disappointed by being forced to use my hands, find a place for it, pick it up, put it down, just to find the information I need. That is by far more frustrating when using it as an electronic recipe book and your arms are covered in panko food crumbs. When you actually keep the Yoga Tablet in one of your hands, its significant weight (approximately 1.3 pounds) is allocated perfectly, and when it is set on the “Tilt” mode, on-screen writing is simple enough. The same platform that permits you to use your product for binge viewing also has a reasonable couple of front-facing sound devices that may generate grouses from maniac players but are more than enough for having a nice Skype conversation or watching a YouTube video. This recently retooled edition of the Lenovo Yoga Tablet is a response to experts who believed its forerunner had a pretty grubby screen as well as a pokey type processer. The new gadget has very powerful display with 1920×1200 pixels while the quick efficiency is guaranteed by the Qualcomm 1.6 gigahertz chipset of Snapdragon 400 type. The RAM has been more than doubled from one gigabyte to two gigabytes. The gadget runs of Android Jelly Bean the 4.3 version with an update to KitKat 4.4. To tell the truth the camera with 1.6 MP and front-facing characteristics will not make you the next great displayer at Tate Modern, but the 8 MP rear-facing system is excellent for catching Grandmother while she bakes your favorite cheese cake. The new gadget has an amazing storing feature, having two versions: one that comes in with sixteen gigabytes and the other with thirty-two gigas. Moreover, it has got a SD micro cards port if by any case more space is required. At a price of... (more...)

The world famous giant Google has lately been purchasing start up after startup companies. More than 20 new businesses have joined the huge Google family this year so far. A year ago, Google decided to tackle the music space with All Access, which was disclosed in May 2014. However, I confess that somehow I have managed to completely forget about this event. Possibly this is the result of all the actions that Apple has been doing in the same space. However, Google sort of lost all sense of direction in the mix. But there are chances for that to change with Google’s most recent purchase: the playlist generator known as Songza, which made the news available to all in a brief declaration made on Tuesday. The company representatives expressed their thrill to having entered the Google extended family and expressed their hopes to achieve the ultimate soundtrack with the help of the American giant. No money related terms of the arrangement were uncovered. Moreover, Songza, the organization will not be closing down as a consequence of being bought. The company officials declared that the only changes planned for Songza were those concerning the quality of their product. Google made its statement similar in meaning. Thus, the Google representatives confirmed that their purpose is to mingle Songza with the Google Play Music and other of their products. In spite of all these reassuring declarations coming from both parties there will be at least one change at this time: the organization is going to have its Terms of Service redesigned as well as its Privacy Policy to match them with those belonging to Google. Songza, which was formally released in the autumn of 2011 (September to be more precise), is in fact a cloud-based advanced music administration that permits clients to make and offer music playlists. It provides the so called Music Concierge that gives clients proposed playlists by taking into consideration the date and the hour, also having various emotion features. Thus, if a user decided to listen to music on a nice and warm Tuesday night, he or she will have choices such as: love, bedtime, romance or studying. If the same user decides that a Wednesday afternoon is perfect for a chill up, than he or she will receive alternatives such as: studying or bedtime but no love or romance. The organization managed to gather up to 7 million dollars, incorporating 2 million dollars in financing during the month of September in 2011 while in the same moth of 2013,... (more...)